Saturday, November 05, 2005


I feel it....Christmas time is coming and I find me again in my workroom creating angel ornaments.And think on selling them.And this I decided 2 years ago,never to do angels for selling again.
I thought I were through with them.Before I begun with collage,I did clothdolls and sold lots of fabric angels on craftsshows.So much,that one day , I had enough of sewing and stuffing hundreds of angels for christmas,and I decided to stop and never do angels again.
But it seems,that angels are addicting to me,and craftshows although.Who knows.At least here are pics of my latest angel ornaments.I would love to read some comments.


Blogger Deb said...


Oh, honey! This is the one I love most! Can I buy it from you? for a friend's gift? Think about it, and if you have more to sell, let me know.
By the way, thanks a zillion for the lovely surprise! I blogged all about it today!


Deb Trotter

10:25 PM  

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