Sunday, October 01, 2006

new work

I am very ashamed to see how long I didn't post to this blog.But time is running so fast,there is so much to do etc
Here are the last pages I did for Deryn Mentock for our calendar swap.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

abstract studies

I take painting and drawing classes since november last year.For instance we are doing abstract views of stillifes.So my teacher asked me to do some abstract studies in my normal collage way.But I was only allowed to do abstract forms,no faces or flowers.The first ones I did were really hard for me,but I feel with a little time and experiment,there will come out someting interesting.
Unfortunately,the scans are a little dark,but I would love to get your comments,as it's something new for me and I feel a little bit unsure.

first attempts with beeswax

I know,I should post more regulary to my blog.But I have so spare time ,that I prefer to create than to write.But it's eastersunday,we are at home,nowhere to go,so I have time to post.
I worked over the last 2 days in Lelaynia's calendar,for the calendar RR we are doing on MMCA.
As I used dryed flowers and just had bought my first beeswax,it's clear that I tried to protect the flowers with wax.I love the effect of the wax,need to experiment more.But now have a look at what I did.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

cab cards

I thought,I would give it a try and altered some cabinet cards yesterday.Some time ago,I said I would not be interested in using those cards,but one should never say never,as youcan see.I am totally hooked and will surely do some more in the next weeks.
I would be glad to hear how you like them.

Friday, March 03, 2006

march calendar

Time runs so fast.I find never enough time to post to my blog as much as I want.
Today,with hoping for spring,we had about 25 cm of snow.Total chaos,even the busses stopped driving for some hours.So I am right home,didn't visit my friend,as I had planned and have time to play with the computer.
I have uploaded some pages,I did for Lou McCullochs calendar,for the montly RR on MMCA group.Her theme was vintage,wings.Wings is ok for me,but vintage is for instance hard to do for me.Actually I like using bright colours.So I couldn't help and had to leave her theme a bit and do at least one really coloured page.I hope she will forgive me and like it.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Times are running so fast,there's the second month of the year nearly finished.Time to finish Linda Koch's calendar pages for the RR we both are in at MMCA group.
That's a really funny RR and after a year each of us will get back a very huge calendar full of artwork from very talented artists.
These are some of the pages for Linda I like best

flowergirl boxes

Those are my first trials to create something for selling on a craftsmarket in june.I Feel a little bit unsure,wether they would sell here.But I will give it a try,as my friend,who is a glassbeadmaker,insist I should accompagny her.
But this first 2 will stay with me,as I really like them and don't want to give them away.

first altered cabcard

As I am off from work for 10 days,I have plenty of time to play around.So I tried my first altered cabcard this morning.
It looks better in reality,because on the scan,the lace and metal fork and spoon don't show so good.
This card will be for Merel's journal,in which I had fun to work the last days for the journal RR on club creativegroup.
The first picture is also for her book.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Private journal RR

I just have finished a private RR with Deryn Mentock each of us likes the work from the other,we decided to swap a journal.Mine is actually in hot Texas,to be filled with wonderful artwork.I can' t wait to get it back,to see the great art in reality and to have a souvenir fro m an artist I really admire.
These are some pages I did for her:

Deryn's book has wooden covers,held together with fabric spine.Inside she did mostly altered photograps of cemetary angels,a theme we both love.Her book is very colourful and interesting ,because of the different techniques she used.Here are my favourites:
Inside of Deryn's journal
Cover of deryn's journal

valentine swap

I've had an early valentine.I got my package from my secret valentine swappartner Lou Mc Culloch,a swap held on Mixed Media Collage Artists Group.
She's sent me a wonderful hearshaped altered book,some beautiful papers and ribbons.

Monday, January 30, 2006


I am tagged by Deryn Mentock.

4 jobs I've had:

-different student jobs
-medical laboratory assistent
-work actually at the activity department in a seniorhome

4 places I've lived:


4 shows I enjoy:
-The naked Chief/Jamie Oliver
-Gilmore Girls
-Six Feet Under

4 places I've vacationed:
-Charlotte/North Carolina

4 Websites I visit daily:
- Mentock
-http// Mawn
-http// Barrows
There are some more,but I should concentrate on only 4

4 Favourite foods:
-Chinese food
-everything with raspberry

4 places I'd rather be right now
-Somewhere in America,preferably in a big craftsstore with lots of stamps,papers etc
-together with friends,chatting and drinking coffee

4 bloggers I'm tagging